I am a philosopher, writer and labour researcher in Toronto, Canada. My current interests are in political theory, virtue ethics, existentialism, urbanism, anti-racism, queer theory and social movement practices.

My first book is called Conform, Fail, Repeat, available from Between the Lines Press. I use Pierre Bourdieu’s central “thinking tools” to show how power and domination force movements into a no-win choice between conformity and failure. With special attention to North American LGBTQ politics and the G20 protests in Toronto, Conform, Fail, Repeat shows how Bourdieu’s work can give movement observers as well as participants new tools for tracking and avoiding the pitfalls of conformity and failure.

I am also a former adjunct professor at Queen’s University, in the Department of Political Studies, where I taught political theory and identity politics. I have worked as an organizer, researcher and communicator for the New Democrat Party in Canada and Ontario and am currently a research consultant in Toronto, with special focus on municipal politics, the labour movement, identity, and social movements. My activim focuses on the queer and the quirky: kiss-in protests at Premier’s breakfasts, organizing guerilla gay bars, producing queer shame parties and coordinating fluxus-inspired collective art projects.